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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Jul 8, 2021

Today's guest on our podcast is Dolores Hirschmann. Dolores is well known for organizing TEDx conferences, and is also the author of Clarity First, a recently published book that helps people find the clarity they need to grow their business. She has deep experience in marketing, and has blended coaching into her unique approach for helping businesses scale. We are so excited to spend some time talking to her!

Dolores uses her time as a TEDx organizer to delve into the way many brilliant minds lack the succinctness needed to deliver their message. Too often, great leaders get tangled in the details, and can't connect in a way that gets others to lean forward and buy-in. By applying her knowledge of coaching skills to marketing tactics, she has enabled countless leaders to read between the lines of conversation - and strike upon the best ways to share the parts of their leadership that really matter most.

However, clarity isn't the only struggle. Even leaders who instinctively grasp clarity often still struggle to make an impact. Some fight the fear of failure, and others find themselves facing fear of success and "what-happens-next?" Dolores discusses the way these fears are two sides of the same coin, and how to overcome them. In today's conversation, we explore self-worth, self-doubt, and how to change your mindset. You can create a new way forward, build your confidence and assuredness, and give yourself the permission to succeed.

If you have ever had the nagging fear that you weren't enough, or that you were just muddling through when you could be winning, this episode can help you realize and accept your full potential. You can do it, and Dolores Hirschmann's Clarity First can get you there!

Three Key Takeaways:

  • If your Thought Leadership lacks clarity, the greatest potential of your insights will be hidden behind a messy message.
  • Once you find clarity in your Thought Leadership, you need to take action to create impact.
  • Even things you consider failures can drive success! Take a moment to study challenges, learn from them, and use those lessons to shape a better way forward.