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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Jan 30, 2020

An essential part of your Thought Leadership is solid content. Without it, you will not be able to reach the audience you want or have the impact you desire. Creating compelling content isn't cut and dry but today we have a wealth of knowledge to share on the topic.

Gregg L Witt is a speaker, author of The Gen Z...

Jan 26, 2020

When you see a professional mix-martial arts professional you don't think "There is someone who has anxiety."  The fact is most people have shortcomings or demons they need to overcome.

Our guest Eliot Marshall is a former UFC fighter, co-owner and head instructor at Easton Training Center, host of the Gospel of Fire...

Jan 23, 2020

Why are negative habits easier to build and what can we learn from them?  Is it possible to use the very formula that we build negative habits with and flip it on its head to slowly build positive habits?

Our guest Adam Fridman is the Founder of the digital marketing Mabbly - where exceptional cultures happen...

Jan 19, 2020

There is no straight path to becoming a Thought Leader.  Many come from careers where what they have learned can be applied to making content to help others.  The question remains is the transition from those careers to Thought Leader easy?

Today we talk with John O'Grady a West Point grad, former Army colonel, and...

Jan 16, 2020

Whether you are just starting your Thought Leadership practice or looking to expand you are going to need cash flow.  Creating multiple revenue streams and being smart about where you spend your hard-earned income can be a challenge even for veterans in the field.

Our guest Ken "Mr. Biz" Wentworth is the author of the...