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Leveraging Thought Leadership

May 29, 2022

Modern marketing means using popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 
But how can organizations make sure such marketing is effective, when it's hard to reach or measure the results?
Behind the scenes of social media are a million private messages, e-mails, and other chatter that has as much effect on a brand as public announcements. How can that be measured, harnessed, and addressed?

To help us navigate the “Dark Social” parts of the net, we’ve invited Kerry-Ann Stimpson, Chief Marketing Officer at The JMMB Group, an integrated financial service provider who values and promotes heart-to-heart connections and authentic, caring relationships through online media. Kerry-Ann is also the host of The Internal Marketing Podcast, where she gives tips and insights about ways companies can supercharge their brand by focusing on their employees.

First, we define the idea of the “Dark Social" connection, and the important role it plays in the way brands are viewed. Kerry-Ann shares ways to educate your employees so they can play important roles in building the company's brand - along with their own! This is best accomplished by giving employees the freedom and trust to use their voices, and follow their passions.

Kerry-Ann further gives insights about the ways she's been helping employees step out of the shadow of their company's brand, and share their personal experiences. An employee's personal experiences have great value to a company's reputation, helping organizations create communities that allow budding brand ambassadors to connect, learn, and inspire each other.

Three Key Takeaways:

* Thought leaders should embrace the idea of "dark social" connections, and build trustworthy allies to carry the conversation in those places.

* A customer will never be more excited about your brand than your employees. Thought leadership helps employees get charged up and eager to share those ideas.

* You may never have the resources to accomplish all of your marketing goals, but if you create an army of advocates, they'll help take your ideas further than any marketing budget ever could.