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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Oct 24, 2021

Thought Leadership means peering around corners to predict changes, innovations, and challenges in your field. How far into the future is far enough? 5, 10, 20 years? Is it possible plan for 50 years down the road?

We answer these questions with the help of today’s guest, Peter Griffiths. Peter is the City Strategist at ING Mediaand an Urban Content Consultant specializing in building cities that will thrive and grow. We discuss how he is using thought leadership to get ahead of the curve, and develop the cities that will embrace and support humanity's future.

Looking into the future means asking the right questions about the impact of today's choices, and how we can affect tomorrow's dreams and solve challenges before they arise. Peter finds the right questions thanks to a background in journalism; he looks for right answers by understanding that a unique view of the world is valuable, but so is the strength of collaboration. By being willing to merge his vision with the expertise of others, Peter makes the world better for us all.

This conversation is an intriguing look into how thought leadership can help cities evolve, and also the ways that thought leadership can be used to predict - and plan for - humanity's future.

Three Key Takeaways:

  • Your thought leadership should allow others to get ahead of the curve and plan for tomorrow.
  • Allow your thought leadership to take into account the experience and expertise of others, to benefit everyone.
  • Thought leadership should be transactional, focusing on two-way conversations and an open exchange of ideas.