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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Nov 11, 2021

The word Redneck tends to conjure up a certain image in most people’s minds. When you hear the word do you think Director of Radiology and author?


Our guest James Harold Webb is a self-proclaimed redneck who despite the obstacles that stood in his way went to college became a radiology technologist, then Director of Radiology at a hospital in Dallas, and now is the author of Redneck Resilience: A Country Boy’s Journey To Prosperity.


James shares how his simple upbringing in Mississippi was actually the bedrock of his work ethic and resiliency, watching his parents overcome various challenges in their personal and professional lives implanted the idea that he too could always find a way to overcome and rise up.


We discuss the origin of his book Redneck Resilience and what exactly is the meaning of resilience. After many telling him he should write a book he started jotting down notes and stories realizing that he wanted the lessons he learned to be able to be passed onto his children and others that would benefit from them.

James has faced a large amount of personal strife, from a brain tumor to a cancer diagnosis for both him and his wife. These personal experiences have changed how James views problems and stress as well as how he works, closing the door to business at the end of the day to focus on what really matters in life: family.

James shares personal stories of resilience and shows how regardless of your origin you too can get back up after being knocked down and find a new path forward.

Three Key Takeaways:

  • Writing a book for your Thought Leadership does not have to be part of a business plan. It can be to leave a legacy.
  • If you are being told to put your Thought Leadership into a book, start by writing your thoughts and stories for 30  - 60 minutes a day and see if it meshes together.
  • Resiliency in Thought Leadership means finding an alternative path when the road gets blocked.