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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Jul 17, 2022

Your org's thought leadership illuminates a highly technical field. So how do you make it accessible to a broad audience?
In technical fields like A.I., it can be hard to clearly communicate your organizational insights in a manner that your audience can grasp.  In order to make technical insights accessible, you have to get out of your bubble and into the mindset of your audience!

Our guest today is Amelia Ross, Director of Content Strategy at Primer AI, a company dedicated to helping organizations make the best use of their investment in data. They do this by using best-in-class machine learning and natural language processing technologies, to help their customers scale and optimize intelligence workflows.

We discuss how an organizational thought leader determines the right target audience for their insights. Amelia tells us that it isn’t just about reaching the economic buyer, but also spreading your content to the influencers that surround such a buyer. It's important to create content that shows your company as empathetic, leading edge, and knowledgeable — and to take an informed stand on emerging technology, trends, and social issues.

The modern world is moving fast, and thought leadership must be timely and relevant in order to have impact. Ameila shares how timely events shaped the course of Primer AI's thought leadership. The Russian invasion of Ukraine sparked Primer AI to use their product, Command, to create content that illuminated events in real time. That thought leadership gave decision-makers under time constraints a complete and accurate view of the information faster than ever before.

In addition to reaching your audience in a timely manner, you also have to ensure that your content is presented in a way your clients will easily understand. Amelia explains the need for educational content in thought leadership, and the challenges of creating content at various levels in order to connect with everyone — from the average audience member to industry experts.

This conversation is an enlightening look at creating thought leadership that illuminates complex ideas, and doing it in a way that connects with a broad audience.

Three Key Takeaways:

* When creating Thought Leadership content for complex topics, consider other influences that might support your insights with your economic buyer.

* Thought Leadership that connects to trends and social issues needs an immediacy that keeps pace with the news cycle.

* Don’t assume your audience understands the jargon, terms, and acronyms of your thought leadership. Create content that reaches and enlightens consumers at all levels.