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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Dec 20, 2020

Today’s guest is Cara Macklin, Founder of Caram, Innovative Entrepreneur, and Success Coach helping entrepreneurs to do things differently, accelerate success, and create meaningful change.

Cara discusses her early work in her family business of healthcare and hospitality and how she helped to more than double the size of the business, while training as a coach that allowed her to understand and replicate processes and outcomes.

We discuss the type of clients Cara works with, how she finds them, and why fit it isn’t a good fit you might be better off referring the client to someone else.

We wrap up our conversation discussing how Cara has taken coaching, which often has an outdated modality, and create a suite of offerings that allow her to serve clients one-on-one, create groups from various industries together, and finally a wide audience with an online course.

If you want a sample of the aid Cara can offer check out this video just for listeners of our podcast!

Three Key Takeaways:

·         Learning to become a coach is one of the best ways to understand the processes of thought leadership and reliably replicate the outcomes.

·         Your thought leadership isn’t going to be the right fit for every client.  Passing on clients that don’t fit your offerings is better than failing them down the road.

·         Having multiple modalities will allow your thought leadership to reach a variety of clients with multiple platforms.