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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Apr 8, 2021

Today’s guest is Karen Leland, CEO at Sterling Marketing Group, the best-selling author of No Nonsense and The Brand Mapping Strategy, and a lifelong artist.

With a lifelong commitment to the arts, before moving into thought leadership Karen shares how the skills learned in music, theater, and improv have given her the ability to handle rejection, think on her feet and be fearless in her knowledge that she can face any obstacle that might present itself.

We continue our conversation by looking at the increased speed at which the industry was forced to move to digital events. Karen shares her thoughts on the hybrid world that she sees evolving from the COVID-19 pandemic and what the new normal might be once we are on the other side of it.

Finally, Karen shares two passion projects she is looking at developing and how many professionals are seeking side businesses that support their passion more than their pocketbook.

Three Key Takeaways:

* Thought leaders with a background in the arts are often capable of thinking on their feet and being more agile.

* With the world forcing thought leaders to change how they deliver content you have to be willing to figure out a way forward or face extinction.

* Thought leaders should be seeking to find a way to apply their domain of thought leadership to the way the world has changed.