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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Jul 30, 2020

Today’s guest is Lindy Greer, an associate professor of management and organization at the University of Michigan and Faculty Director of the Sanger Leadership Center.  She focuses on how to design and lead effective organizational teams, with specific interests in intra-group hierarchy, conflict, diversity, leadership, and emotion.

Lindy introduces us to what is being taught to leaders and how science and data are playing a bigger role in the instruction than ever before. We explore what companies are looking for in leadership both from the perspective of older audiences and in the digital world.

Lindy spends some time sharing her experience publishing her content beyond the world of academia, how to gain credibility and tips for co-authoring!

We wrap the episode up discussing distance working and learning, as well as the best practices being used to create a more efficient and productive workforce for remote working

Three Key Takeaways:

  • What traits thought leaders need to consider for good leadership.
  • How thought leaders can gain credibility and get published in various mediums.
  • What thought leaders can do to create a strong team working remotely.