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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Jan 31, 2021

Today’s guest is Ron Crabtree, CEO of Meta Ops Inc | Meta Experts.  Meta Experts is a global network of OpEx development experts ready to take on interim roles as advisors and executives to solve operational problems in fast-paced industries.

Ron shares how he got his start in thought leadership at Disney in the late 70s creating training materials for complex problems so they could be understood by everyone.  Over his thirty plus year career, he has worked for automotive supply chains, implanted Lean Six, Sigma and continues to be a lifelong learner.

As we continue down Ron’s career path we learn about his company Meta Experts.  We learn what happens when an expertise gap occurs in a company and why their network of experts might be the best route to fill that gap.

Ensuring any knowledge gaps you have are filled can be critical but how do you know when there is a gap that needs to be filled?  What does that gap look like?  Ron gives great examples for identifying the gaps and the process they use for vetting the talent you can hire to fill those gaps.

Three Key Takeaways:

·         Thought leaders can find success with content that identifies a market that needs new solutions to ongoing problems.

·         When time is money, your thought leadership needs to help clients avoid days of lost profit.

·         People skills are almost as important as your knowledge.  If you can’t get your thought leadership to connect with people, it will all be for naught.