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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Oct 15, 2020

Today’s guest is Trond Arne Undheim, author of Pandemic Aftermath and Disruption Games, host of Futurized Podcast, speaker, and futurist.

Trond joins us to share how it can be tricky being a thought leader on a blend of topics and how there is an underlying common thread that connects it all together.  We discuss why Trond writes books, how he monetizes them, and why sales of the book aren’t where your focus should be.

Trond explains what a Futurist is and how he has grown into that title. Plus we look at the future of thought leadership post COVID-19 and why Trond believes the role is going to come roaring back!


Three Key Takeaways:

  • Networking in thought leadership isn’t just about connecting people, it also involves making knowledge connections.
  • Writing a book on your thought leadership can create a gateway to paid speaking.
  • Thought Leaders need to have actionable content instead of motivational speeches. There is no alternative to a knowledge-based view of the future.