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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Mar 21, 2019

The purpose of writing a business book has changed over the years.  While the focus might have been on units sold, it has shifted to being a tool to increase your reach, brand recognition, and cache.

Our guest Lori Ames, Founder and CEO of PR Freelancer Agency sits down with Peter to share her expertise in publicity, public relations, and marketing for non-fiction authors.

Lori gives advice on how to approach a PR firm, what the long term and sustainable purpose of your book should look like, and why books no longer have a shelf life.  In addition to book publishing Peter and Lori discuss the effects of having out dated materials on your website or blog and the benefits of hiring a PR firm directly.

Writing a book can be a daunting task.  During the process you have to make sure the other parts of your business continue to work.  Peter shares advice for making sure the book writing process doesn't control you.