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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Apr 21, 2019

Being recognized for your Thought Leadership in multiple ways is important to build you reputation. But when it comes to building that reputation how do you determine who you should connect with and how can you best build your network?

Jared Kleinert, award winning author of “2 Billion Under 20” and “3 Billion Under 30”, TED speaker and USA Today's most connected Millennial shares how he has built a world class network.

Jared shares how he started his network and looks at the long game of being a Thought Leader. Peter and Jared discuss the need to offer value when building your network, why you need to avoid asking for too much, and why you should not take it personally if you get rejected.

In the journey to become a Thought Leader many people make flawed assumptions, but you don’t have to make those same mistakes. Peter has five things you should not assume.