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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Apr 28, 2019

It is very important to invest in your brand from the get go; but you need to ask yourself if you should be the brand or if you should develop the company as its own brand.

Our guest Charlene Li is the Founder of "Altimeter", author of the New York Times bestselling book “Open Leadership” and "The Disruption Mindset" available June 11th, 2019.  For the last two decades Charlene has been helping people see the future as a respected adviser to Fortune 500 companies on digital transformation and leadership.

Charlene walks us through the process she took in building Altimeter and positioned it to be acquired; how she found a company that suited her requirements, and continues to work with them.

Peter asks about how the publishing landscape has changed between her first book 11 years ago and today with a new book on the horizon.  Plus, Charlene shares the importance of culture and figuring out what type of relationship you want to build with your audience.

Charlene has 5 books under her belt and understand what it takes to have a successful book launch.  If you are looking to publish your first book it can be a enormous task.  Contact Thought Leadership Leverage to discuss a strategy for your book launch.