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Leveraging Thought Leadership

May 30, 2019

It seems everyone is getting into the online learning space because technology and bandwidth have made it access for anyone at any location.  What many are missing in their learning content is the proper ability to transfer knowledge to the end user in a measurable way.

Our guest Jon Tota is a pioneer in online education for corporate training, Co-founder and CEO of Edulence, the creator of Knowledge Link and host of the Learning Life podcast.

Jon takes us through the many changes to online education, the value of watching metrics and how you can alter your content based on that feedback, the importance of educational design and how Game Theory can play into having your end users remember to come back time and again!

Jon has some free content for our listeners! Download the free Enterprise Selling Handbook today!

Jon and Peter talk about the value being able to measure performance in online content.  Peter has some advice for measuring KPI in all you do.