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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Sep 15, 2019

Ask anyone and they will tell you education is a top priority for their children and loved ones.  Yet the young in America continues to fall further behind in global rankings.  What can we learn from how other cultures systems and help give the next generation the edge they need.

Our guest Teru Clavel is an education expert, public speaker, and author of World Class.

Teru shares her story of having lived around the world with her children and getting to experience the education system of other cultures first hand and how returning to the states opened her eyes. Learn how Teru got her book published by breaking all the rules!

Don't miss Teru's appearance on the Today Show!

If you want to join the movement for better education don't miss this episode!

Learning can come in many forms.  Learn how the old standard has changed and what Micro Learning is from Peter!