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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Dec 19, 2019

Small and large organizations alike face a rapidly changing globally interconnected audience with diverse needs. Do you have a strategy and the leadership it takes to stay in constant transformation to meet those needs?

Our guest Jennifer Sertl is Founder of Agility 3R, author of Strategy, Leadership, and the Soul and is deeply involved in contributing to her local Rochester and is a leader in Corporate Consciousness - the convergence of neuroscience and existential philosophy.

Jennifer explains how pattern recognition plays a big part in her ability to transform as the needs arise. We discuss how Jennifer gets clients to identify the three most important strategies that zero in on what they do and create behavioral branding. Plus we discuss staying focused, getting the most out of Twitter, and valuing the abilities that come easy to you.

Just like you have to zero in on what you do, you have to zero in on who you do it for.  Peter talks more about getting laser focus on your target markets.