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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Dec 22, 2019

You might think once your book is written your job is done, but the fact is you are only halfway there.  The other half is marketing the book in an effective way that will allow you to reach your audience and grow your business.

In this episode, our guest Carolyn Monaco is a publishing consultant with 25 years of experience in consumer marketing.  She works with business leaders who are ready to reassess their brand, message, and platform.  Before establishing Monaco Associates she co-founded a media company for Tufts University and was Marketing Director for Harvard Business Review’s book imprint.

Carolyn debunks some common myths around publishing and helps budding authors understand what they can expect from traditional publishers, what you'll need to have success self-publishing, and why you need to start beating the drum about your book months before it goes to market.

If you're writing your first or fifth book this episode is chalked full of great advice for authors and Thought Leaders!

Writing a successful book can mean different things to different authors.  Peter shares his insights into finding what success for your book might mean to you.