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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Jan 23, 2020

Why are negative habits easier to build and what can we learn from them?  Is it possible to use the very formula that we build negative habits with and flip it on its head to slowly build positive habits?

Our guest Adam Fridman is the Founder of the digital marketing Mabbly - where exceptional cultures happen when people pursue purpose together.  He is also the co-author of The Science of Story and Founder of Pro Habits - a positive psychology-based application that links professional habits to personal and organizational goals.

Pro habits is a highly customizable application that can help you take your company values and make them actionable!

Adam shares how authors, speakers, and consultants can use Pro Habits to help people create long-lasting change by taking micro-actions every day that help build positive habits.  We discuss using similar principles social media uses to provide a shot of dopamine to keep you coming back and gamification techniques to keep you engaged.

We share some further insight into the Secrets of Changing a Company's Culture that might help you determine why Pro Habits might be the tool you need if you are looking to change your company's culture.