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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Feb 13, 2020

If you plan to self publish or take a more traditional route with your book you still have to be the champion for it and have an established platform to market it to if you want it to take off.

Joesph Michelli is an internationally sought after speaker, consultant and best-selling author of several books including Driven to Delight and The AirBnB Way.

Joseph speaks with us about how he writes books about globally recognized brands while working with them to improve their business.  We discuss the changes to publishing and what rights publishers want a big piece of.  In addition, Peter and Joesph share their thoughts on moving the contents of a book into other modalities to reach a larger audience.  Last we finish off with discussing speaking, what role bureaus play and if those relationships are still important.

If you have a keynote or book and want to move it to other modalities you'll want to think about the market strategy.  We have some tips for ensuring you have the right medium for your message.