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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Feb 20, 2020

Moving from working at a big brand to starting your own marketing firm will present a number of new challenges. How will you face pitching to the big brands without a big name behind you? What will you have to provide to stay a step ahead?

Ron Tite is an award-winning advertisement writer and creative director, author of Everyone's An Artist (or At Least They Should Be) and Think. Do. Say. and is the Founder of Church and State, a Toronto based content and marketing agency.

Ron shares how he took a 20-year career as a corporate stand-up comedian and flipped the career to be a corporate professional with a sense of humor.  We discuss building a marketing firm and how to win business over larger well-established brands. Testing new ideas by adding to existing speeches and finally developing a book as a framework and methodology that isn't dependent on your presence for it to be effective.

Ron has done an amazing job of making his content clear and memorable. Take a minute to read this article about making your Thought Leadership as easy as "Stop, Drop, and Roll."