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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Mar 5, 2020

The road to becoming a Thought Leader is seldom a straight one. Our guest this week built a thriving business from a book that was meant to close that chapter of his career.

David Friedman is the Founder and CEO of High Performing Culture, author of Fundamentally Different and Culture by Design.  Now David is bringing culture to the palm of your hand with the mobile app CultureWise.

David and Peter discuss the process of writing a book to leave a legacy and how that turned into speaking gigs, engagements, then a whole new career. We explore the process for turning a speaking hobby into a business model that would not solely rely on having David in the room.   Last we finish up by finding the things you do instinctively that need to be codified if you want others to be able to teach your method.

David specializes in helping companies design world-class culture. We have some thoughts for Changing a Company's Culture.