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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Mar 8, 2020

Receiving coaching can help you find new success but you have to be able to look into the mirror and commit to changes. If you are not willing to change it will be a waste of time for both you and the coach.

Oleg Konovalov is on the Thinkers50 Radar, has been recognized as #1 Global Thought Leader on Culture by Thinkers 360 and is #1 Global Leading Coach by Marshall Goldsmith Thinkers50. He is also the author of Leaderology and our guest this week!

Oleg talks with us about the differences in coaching in Russia versus other places in the world. He shares how he helps people realize what is new, what is coming, and how to close the gap between them and the people they need to connect with. Plus he shares the word a coach needs to watch out for from potential clients that might signal they are not ready to commit to change.

Failure is something we all experience. Oleg discusses finding success in failure and we have some additional thoughts on Failing Forward.