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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Mar 12, 2020

The average person only reads 18 pages of a non-fiction book. With this in mind is writing a 200+ page business book going to serve you best? Or could you get the content you need down in 50 pages and increase the chances of your book getting read?

Our guest Judy Weintraub is the Founder of SkillBites, host of the SkillBites podcast and is helping empower people, inspire them to write and help them get published.

Judy talks about helping clients write short-form books that act as a perfect lead generating tool. We cover the clients and industries that this type of book works best for and the advantages that it offers. We also discuss the need for a marketing plan to make the most of the book and ways to pull readers of the book into other modalities and product offerings.

Don't get lost making a book and other products, make sure you have a Roadmap!