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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Jan 23, 2022

When did you first realize you were creating and deploying thought leadership?
Many thought leadership practitioners were unknowingly performing the function before they stepped up to the title. However, adding the words
“Thought Leader” to your title shines a particular spotlight on your talents. The title often comes with high expectations — and a need for clear metrics to show that your work makes sense.

To explore how a new thought leadership role can be developed, and how to help it evolve and move forward, we turn to Clarinda Cerejo, Senior Director of Thought Leadership at Cactus Communications, a technology company that is accelerating scientific advancement by making research available to communities around the world.

Clarinda tells us how Cactus Communications supported her work developing a formal thought leadership role, from the earliest days of research to the expansive plan of building communities. She also discusses what it meant to both her and her organization when she finally included the words “thought leadership” in her formal title.

Determining what success looks like for thought leadership can be challenging. Clarinda gives clear examples of metrics you can
use, why you need to celebrate the small victories, and how success is cumulative. Thought leadership means being invested in the long haul, and watching trends, not fads.

We examine the work Clarinda is doing, and the challenges she has faced in moving from scientific research to content marketing. She carries the scientific method into her work doing community building, helping others get their work published, and navigating the difficult peer-review process.

This conversation is a perfect example of the arc a career can take, from subtly doing thought leadership to steering the ship for your company. Listen in, and get insights from one of the most insightful new thought leaders in the business!

Three Key Takeaways:

* Remember that the external perception of your role is more important than any title. Do the work - recognition will come!
* Success in Thought Leadership often looks different than success in marketing or sales. Celebrate the small victories, because they
will add up to big changes.

* Focusing Thought Leadership on community lets you create content that gives voices to those who have been most impacted.