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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Mar 27, 2022

Anyone with the right academic training can understand research materials and data points. The struggle comes when we try to use that knowledge to move people to act. How can we fuse personal experiences with statistical information, to connect with people and get them excited about the future?

Our guest today is Adam Zuckerman, Product Leader, Employee Engagement Software at Willis Towers Watson, a company offering data-driven, insight-led solutions in the areas of people, risk, and capital. They work to make organizations more resilient, more motivated, and capable of amazing things. 

Adam shares insights about crafting a unique voice for your thought leadership. He used a personal approach, sharing his narrative and using storytelling skill to add emotion to cold, academic numbers. Through this approach, he connects thought leadership to business development - and enhance employee performance.

When it comes to employee experience, WTW has a host of technological tools at its disposal. Adam knows that technology has become increasingly important to employee satisfaction and engagement. However, he firmly believes that a smart organization's focus needs to remain on people. He tells us how he uses technological data to identify employee needs, and then spur action to address and solve those problems. That's what sets orgs apart from their competition.

We also explore Adam's growing love for social media, particularly Linkedin, a platform he had previously all but written off. At the suggestion of a co-worker, he started to use Linkedin as a platform to share his ideas, and quickly realized it is a powerful tool for sharpening content, building your network, and discovering new ideas.

This conversation is a delightful exploration that ranges from crafting your thought leadership voice to integrating technology into employee performance. Be sure to listen in! 

Three Key Takeaways:·         

* Leaders who encourage their employees to believe in themselves create a stronger work environment.         

* Customer and employee experience are deeply related. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers.·         

* Posting thought leadership content on social media is a great way to sharpen the content and see what resonates!.