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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Sep 26, 2021

Trying to get your thought leadership to the employees of your company is never an easy task but attempting to reach 250000 employees in your organization can feel like trying to climb Everest. Making the tools to climb that mountain is what today’s guest excels at.

Vishwas Anand is part of the Infosys Knowledge Institute which helps industry leaders develop a deeper understanding of business and technology trends through compelling insights.

Vishwas shares how he aided in the creation of the Infosys Insight Store -- a platform people can use to access hundreds of articles, podcasts, and video. It is meticulously cataloged to make finding the right content simple without having to take a deep dive into it.

Many companies are still trying to understand how to measure the success of thought leadership. Vishwas explains why vanity metrics such as likes and shares may not be as important as many think, in fact, they can end up being more of a distraction to the brand in the long run.

If you have thought leadership content that needs to get out to your organization but struggle to make it accessible or reach those that need it most this is the perfect episode for you.

Three Key Takeaways:

  • The key to making a library of thought leadership content useful is creating a system that allows users to find the content they need with speed and ease.
  • When creating thought leadership for a sub-brand you need to ensure it has synergy with the parent brand to avoid confusion.
  • Authenticity, Accuracy, and Agility are the three As of thought leadership.