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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Nov 29, 2020

Today’s guest is Michele Zanini, the co-founder and Management Director of Management Lab and co-author with Gary Hamel of the best-selling book Humanorcracy a thought-provoking book about organizational change that will help you scale the creative ability of each person in your organization and break through the bureaucracy that often kills innovation.

Michele discusses why many organizations continue to operate with a top-down bureaucracy heavy structure that is outdated, while those that embrace change and enable the power of each individual in the company are having record-breaking production and innovation.

We discuss the struggle of creating and transmitting thought leadership ideas internally across a company with thousands of employees and how enabling the voices that are often not heard, both inside and outside of an organization can be part of the solution.

Michele and Bill also talk about the need for a clear and solid strategy and how it will be impossible to create compelling thought leadership without it.

If this deep conversation leaves you wanting more pick up Humanorcracy and for a limited time you can get a four-hour free course filled with tools and tips that will help you create a resilient, creative, and daring organization!

Three Key Takeaways:

  • Thought leaders should consider an approach that unleashes the creative potential of each individual in an organization.
  • Thought leaders will need to develop a clear and well thought out strategy if they want to cultivate persuasive thought leadership.
  • Thought leaders in an organization should reach out to the voices that are often not heard to find new points of view that are likely valuable and overlooked.