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Leveraging Thought Leadership

Aug 18, 2019

Have you ever been presented with a stack of data that makes you feel like your eyes are going to fall out?  Is there a way to receive that data in a meaningful way that you can understand?

Our guest Dr. Stephanie Evergreen is the CEO of "Evergreen Data", author of "Effective Data Visualization", "Presenting Data Effectively" and the expert in data visualization.

Stephanie shares her journey from academic to Thought Leader and the challenges in moving between the two.  She discusses with Peter how she got a book published and the doors having the book opened for her.

This episode is chalked full of great tips for academics, Thought Leaders, authors, and speakers so be sure to listen in.

With so much data out there it can be hard to find the insights into it.  Peter has some thoughts on how to find the right insight.